Just imagine how you will feel when your home is clutter free, how much time you will save when you can find things quickly and how much more clarity will you have to move forward with your life.


Breeda asked compelling questions and forced me to really think through what was essential and what I could let go. She was always right!

M. Egan

It wasn’t half as painful as I thought it would be! Just 2 sessions helped me to look at objects/clothes etc a bit differently; put a few simple systems in place; get my head around getting rid of things I had hung onto for years AND do a final house-pack for a move. Thanks Breeda.

N. Regan

Breeda began by firstly establishing goals and objectives. She then mapped out a planned systematic approach on how to tackle what to me was an insurmountable task. Her soft and empathetic approach helped me to relax and see ‘the wood from the trees’ and in the space of 3 days, I was finally able to put my feet up and enjoy what had now become my peaceful haven.

S. O’Connor

Breeda is a perfectionist, is thorough and has great attention to detail with a great eye for colour and design. She came up with clever ways of making space and bringing in the light. Breeda also hand painted furniture herself beautifully which gave us even more opportunities to get the look I wanted.

M. Fitzpatrick

I had the pleasure of seeing old but lovely furniture completely rejuvenated by Breeda using her chalk painting perfecting strokes and her glorious eye for detail. I love the way no job is too small and she delivers the finished product with a smile and pride. I would highly recommend Breeda O Sullivan and trust her immensely with access to home and codes.

Sandra Walsh

I was impressed by her knowledge of the various local & national charities to which she delivered much of the stuff in good condition which I no longer needed as well as the of the range of recycling service available around the area.

Fionnuala Richardson

The act of decluttering had long been on my “to do list “but a chance meeting with Breeda has transformed my life. Her gifts of vision and encouragement have been immensely helpful for me. Together we have created spaces, cleared cupboards, moved furniture and can now see cherished books on bookshelves rather than on the ground.

E. Kennedy

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