I can help you declutter before you move. I can also help you to pack up and label everything and help you to unpack and settle into in your new home.

Reasons to declutter before you move:


Moving house can be a very stressful time, do not add to your stress by bringing your clutter with you!

• Decluttering before you move, will mean less stuff to move and less cost to move, as the removal company will base their price on the volume of stuff to move.

• You will save time packing and unpacking if you declutter the items that you no longer need.

• With less stuff to move, you will need less storage space in your new home.

• Sell or donate any large items of furniture that you know will not fit in your new home.

• Your house will look less cluttered for potential buyers/renters when they come to view your home.

• Everything will have a place in your new home, no tripping over boxes 6 months after the move!

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